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What is Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printing?

Stereolithography (SLA) is a 3D printing method known for its unmatched precision and high resolution. It delivers accurate parts suitable for direct use in end products, low-volume production, or rapid prototyping.

It utilises a photochemical process where light triggers chemical reactions, causing liquid monomers and oligomers to cross-link and form polymers. These polymers solidify and build the body of the 3D object. 

How Does Stereolithography Work?

First, your CAD design is sliced into thin layers. Then, a UV laser beam precisely scans each layer on a vat of liquid resin, solidifying it into the desired shape. This layer-by-layer process continues until your entire part is built. This 3D printing process produces parts that are:

The isotropic parts offer consistent mechanical properties in all directions, ensuring uniform strength and performance. This predictability is crucial for applications requiring precise functionality and reliability. 

The parts created with SLA are uniform ensuring water tightness crucial for engineering and manufacturing scenarios requiring controlled airflow or fluid passage. 

SLA’s precise layer curing creates seamless bonds, ensuring smooth surfaces. Its fine resolution captures intricate details accurately, requiring minimal post-processing. This makes Stereolithography ideal for applications needing precise and visually appealing surfaces, offering reliability in industries valuing surface quality.

High-Precision SLA 3D Printing Services at Dainsta

Dainsta offers high-precision SLA resin 3D printing services, with exceptional accuracy and surface quality for your projects. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise in Additive Manufacturing ensure reliable results tailored to your specific needs. 

Want smooth surface finishes and better detailing on the custom parts? Explore SLA 3D printing for exceptional prototypes and end-use parts.

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