Media Blasting


What is Media Blasting

Metal blasting -also known as sandblasting, is a process used to clean, smooth, or shape metal surfaces. It involves propelling abrasive materials at high speed against the metal, removing rust, paint, or other contaminants. This method helps prepare surfaces for painting, coating, or welding by creating a clean and textured finish.

How Blasting Works

First, the surface to be treated is cleaned to remove any dirt or contaminants. 

Next, an abrasive material, like sand or glass beads, is propelled at high speed onto the surface using a sand blaster pressure.

This abrasive material helps remove old paint, rust, or other unwanted substances from the surface. 

Finally, the cleaned surface is inspected to ensure it meets the desired level of cleanliness and texture before any further treatments or coatings are applied. It works best for:

 This process is ideal for cleaning and prepping car chassis, wheels, and engine components for restoration or painting

Blasting efficiently removes rust, paint, and grime from heavy machinery and equipment, extending their lifespan

Blasting is effective in restoring and cleaning metal structures, such as bridges, fences, to their original condition.

With Dainsta, clients benefit from thorough cleaning of their metal components, ensuring optimal surface conditions for coatings or painting. This service is not only versatile and suitable for various materials but also cost-effective and time-saving, providing clients with high-quality results for their projects.

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