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Metal Laser Cutting​ Dainsta

What is Laser Cutting

Metal Laser cutting is a technology that utilises a focused laser beam to slice through various materials. It works by directing a powerful laser beam through a series of optics, essentially concentrating its energy onto a very small point. This pinpoint of intense heat interacts with the material, causing it to melt, burn, vaporise, or be blown away by an assist gas (often air). This allows the laser to precisely cut intricate shapes from the material. This technique excels in:

Laser-cutting technology enables the precise fabrication of intricate designs, ensuring accuracy and detail in the final product.

This technology can be scaled to accommodate both small-scale and large-scale production runs. 

The cutting technique integrates into existing production workflows, offering compatibility with CAD/CAM software and automation systems for streamlined manufacturing processes.

Suitable Materials for Laser Cutting

Laser cutters handle a surprising variety of materials. Common projects use wood, acrylic, and even metal. Plywood, MDF, and balsa are great for crafts, furniture parts, and decorations. Acrylic, both clear and colored, is perfect for signage, packaging, and furniture. Metals like steel and aluminium find use in manufacturing and electronics. Beyond these, there are even more options! Laser cutters can work with foam for gaskets and packaging, rubber for seals and medical parts, and cork for coasters and decor. With specialized machines, even stone and glass can be etched or cut for unique signage or decorative elements.

Laser cutting stands out for its unmatched precision and clean cuts on various materials. Unlike traditional methods, it offers minimal material distortion and high flexibility for intricate designs, all while maintaining fast cutting speeds and minimal waste. This automation and precision translate to consistent, high-quality parts at a potentially lower cost.

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