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What is Metal Tumbling

Tumbling is a finishing technique where metal parts are placed in a rotating barrel with abrasive media to smooth, polish, and clean them. It’s used to remove burrs, sharp edges, and surface imperfections, improving the appearance and functionality of the parts.

Process of Metal Finishing

In tumbling finishing, metal parts are loaded into a rotating barrel along with abrasive media, where they undergo the following process:

Metal parts and abrasive media are placed together inside a rotating barrel or drum.

The barrel is set in motion, causing the metal parts and abrasive media to tumble and collide with each other.

The abrasive media rubs against the metal parts, effectively smoothing out rough edges, burrs, and surface imperfections.

As the parts tumble, the abrasive action of the media also polishes the surface of the metal, enhancing its shine and appearance.

This action helps dislodge and remove any contaminants or residues from the metal parts, leaving them clean and ready for use.

Dainsta’s metal tumbling service offers tailored finishing solutions using advanced technology to ensure superior quality and consistency in finished metal parts. With precision deburring, rapid turnaround times, rigorous quality control, expert consultation, and a reputation for excellence, Dainsta stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-quality metal finishing services.

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